Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just as when weaving 
One reaches the end
With fine threads woven throughout,
So is the life of humans.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Update From Victor Sifsof

"We searched for another solid two weeks, after Val's clothing was found: this included a helicopter, search dogs, four (4) boats and 10-15 searchers.  Many log jams were broken up and/or cameras and goggles were used.  The search was first concentrated on the water from Granite Creek to 3 miles downriver on Six Mile Creek.  Some of the searchers searched further down Six Mile Creek all the way to the inlet.  Even with the extremely cold weather, we searched as long as possible.  About a week ago the snow and ice made it impossible for the search to continue. We are now hoping for warmer weather so we could continue our search.  

The family is overwhelmed with the number of people that have helped out in many ways or participated in the search since Valerie was reported missing. 

Amy Katz, was a stranger who walked into the search site one day and volunteered to set up a website for Valerie Sifsof.  She spent many hours updating and consulting with family members in a very caring and compassionate manner.  A dozen members of I-501 infantry led by Sgt. Robert Parks, who just got back from Afghanistan, volunteered to search for a number of days with the rest of the searchers.  Here we have a group of men that were in Afghanistan fighting for our liberties and when they returned home they helped search for a person they have never met.  Also Thomas Maillelle and a number of his friends from the interior showed up one day and helped for many days on the search.

The family would like the opportunity to recognize and thank all the people that participated in any way in this enormous search effort.  We would like to invite you to attend a service in Valerie's honor at the St. Innocent Orthodox Cathedral which is located at 401 Turpin Street, Anchorage, Alaska on Saturday, November 24th, 2012 at 10 AM.  Following the service, we invite you to a potluck at Southcentral's Foundations "The Gathering Room", located at 4501 Diplomacy Drive, Anchorage, Alaska. Please RSVP or if you have any questions, contact Jane Sifsof at (907) 843-0990, Rosemary DeHusson at (907) 258-4052 or Dorothy Larson at (907) 227-3276.

There have been thousands of people that helped in many ways with prayers, searches, equipment, food and contributions. We thank from the bottom of our hearts. We know we missed many names that have helped in this effort and we invite you to the service and potluck.  Unfortunately we do not have the addresses and phone numbers of all the people that participated and if you can, please call Jane Sifsof at (907) 843-0990 so we can update our list and send thank yous and invitations to as many people as possible.

Obviously we hope to find Valerie in the near future, but if The Lord decided to take Valerie directly to a safe and wonderful place we will accept His wish. 


Friday, November 9, 2012

Special Thanks to 1-501 Infantry for Volunteering In Search

Just back from the war in  Afghanistan, the 1-501 Infantry heard about the ongoing search for Valerie Sifsof and volunteered to help search the Granite Creek area. 

Val's family and the Anchorage community could not be prouder or more touched for their acts of kindness. Volunteers included Andrew McFarland, Jacob Barlow, Andrew Vroom, Jason Amiott, Andrew Marrero, Reno Magsayo, Benjamin Ballard, Zac Lialek, Derek Brown, Robert Parks, James R. Watts, Paul Benjamin Grantham, and Remy Ogoy.

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