Sunday, December 2, 2012


Friends and family of missing woman Valerie Sifsof celebrated her life in a service the day after she would have turned 45.
This Saturday people filed into the St. Innocent Orthodox Cathedral for a service in Valerie Sifsof's honor. The service was not only to remember Valerie but to also thank the people who have helped in her search. 
Valerie has been missing for nearly five months and her family has been actively searching since she disappeared from the Granite Creek Campground in July. Since Valerie was reported missing family, friends and even strangers have spent countless hours trying to find her. 
“My son's spent the first five days looking for her,” said family friend Wallace Charles, “He lost 12 pounds just walking around in the woods, you know.”
Over the course of the search there have been 2 articles of clothing recovered that Valerie was last seen wearing: a green tank top and a black jacket. Both articles were found in the creek running behind the campground, but still no sign of Valeria Sifsof.
Family members said even though they acknowledged Valerie’s death today, they will continue searching.
“The problem we're having is the ice is forming so fast," said Valerie's father, Victor Sifsof, "It’s very dangerous down there. We were hoping for some warm weather to continue, but we're going to get some snow machines and we're going to continue looking.”
Family said even on a somber day, happier times come to mind.
“She was old enough to where she babysat me and always took care of me, as far as getting me something to eat," said Valerie's younger brother Bryan Sifsof, "And even as I got older she would still invite me over to eat and cook for me."
“We would sometimes gang up on the middle sister and tease her, probably too much, but that’s probably one of the best memories of Valerie,” said older brother James Sifsof.
If you would like to help the Sifsof's in their search for Valerie, they ask you visit this website. Information about planned searches can be found there.  

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