Valerie Sifsof is a loving, compassionate, vivacious, woman loved by so many. Her father, Victor Sifsof, will not rest until he finds his beloved daughter and is leading the search with her step mother, Jane, by his side. Her sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, boyfriend and strangers are working ceaselessly to find her and show continual heroic strength in the ongoing struggle to find Valerie. Many people have come from all over Alaska to help in the search. Valerie's birth mother, Jeweline Pelagio, with whom she was very close (she passed away from cancer several years ago) is in the family's thoughts and prayers: she wouldn't want the search to stop until Valerie is found.

It is not blood alone or the memory of her mother that drives them to find her. Everyone describes Valerie as affectionate, caring and full of life, the thought of her being lost forever is unimaginable. Valerie loves playing with her young cousins, going to bookstores with her aunts, reading and shopping. She was enrolled in two art classes and showed creative talent like many of her ancestors. She is interested in politics and served the State of Alaska awhile back as a Page in the Legislature. Valerie grew up in the Anderson and Anchorage areas where she had many friends and cousins with whom she was close. She enjoyed her summers set netting at Ekuk Beach with relatives, as well as on the family drift gillnet boat the "Val-Trina". She often travelled to Dillingham to help out with the family business.

The weekend Valerie disappeared she was planning her younger sister's baby shower, which she had been so excited about (the family cancelled it last weekend.) Since they learned of her disappearance on 7/11, her family and concerned citizens have been out in the harsh wind and rain, bushwacking, braving bears and insects and even an armed highjacker (who escaped in the area in an unrelated case) to search for their loved one.  Her niece, Olympic snowboarder Callan Chythlook-Sifsof, has been blogging about Valerie: http://callanx.wordpress.com/
Many others are helping to get the word out. But it isn't enough. There has been no confirmed sightings or signs of her since July 7th. Please help by coming to search, putting up flyers and spreading the word on the internet! 

This is what Valerie was wearing the night of July 7th she went missing from the Granite Creek Campground. Her boyfriend reports she was last seen walking away from the campsight around midnight after they argued. 

Her family is hopeful she is still alive and is looking for any information from those who were in the campground that weekend or anyone who thinks they might know of her whereabouts, or who might have taken her.

To report info call the Missing Persons Clearinghouse/Alaska Burea of Investigation 1 800-478-9333 or the Alaska State Troopers 907-783-0972. 


Jeweline Lakshas said...
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Jeweline Lakshas said...

Amy, thank you for correcting the information about Jeweline. I appreciate your understanding and am glad that she was not forgotten in this desperate time. Thanks again for the update.

Anonymous said...

was she carrying a blue towel when she went missing? Was a blue towel missing from the campsite?

Help Your Community! said...

Hi Anonymous. Can you please call me? Amy