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Painting of Valerie Sifsof and Eagle by Cousin Sharon

One year ago, a warm-hearted, talented and much loved woman, daughter, neice, sister, counsin and friend to many went missing at the Granite Creek Campground, North of Girdwood, Alaska. Her family continues the search, and to honor those who have assisted. 

"Though this is a difficult day remembering Valerie Sifsof, it is a time to remember all those who helped her family through the past year with their prayers, their many contributions during the search. Those who knew her, her family and those who helped in so many ways during the search, those who didn't know her particularly the military, the law enforcement people. There are just too many that gave so unselfishly of ther time and resources. Those who flew, rafted, provided assistance in any way are to be remembered and thanked, the dogs and their handlers, and those passers-by who stopped with food and remembered all in prayer. We pray and hope that others who have missing family or friends will find peace in their searches. May you all be blessed." ~ Aunt Dorothy


Let us move evenly together.
Let us stand as one.
Let evil be cast from us.
Let no man cry for himself
Or listen to those without faces.
Let us move evenly together.
Let us walk as tall trees.
Let fear be crushed within us.
Let no man speak for himself
Or give secrets to those without blood.
We shall live together;
We shall walk with you;
We shall find in each new day what hides inside of you,
We shall wait together;
We shall see the day when we go hand in hand.
To the fire in the mountain,
To the water in the sand.

- Anonymous 

Please feel free to post comments below for her family, and continue to send prays to them, and to Val's Spirit. 
The search and investigation continues...


Fri, Sat, Mon: hot bright sun, 65-70°, no perceptible wind. 
Sun: overcast, cool, intermittent light rain.
Searchers: Valerie's family and US military volunteers.

Friday: Sgt. James Watts, Sgt. Robert Parks and Remmey Ogoy brought out jeeps with winch and in wetsuits cleared the log jam behind day use Site 11. 
(Last fall these generous men came out to help with others from their team: the 1st/501st, Sgt. Robert Parks, Sgt. James Watts, Ben Ballard, Andrew McFarland, Reno Magsayo, Andrew Vroom, Jacob Barlow, Jason Amiott, Derek Brown, Zac Lialek, Andrew Marrero, Paul Benjamin Grantham, Remmey Ogoy.) 

Saturday and Sunday: Cleared the bank upstream as much as able. Camera in the water and covered the south bank and bend, upstream to the next site with the log bench.

The three Sifsof brothers made multiple floats down to the bridge. Ground teams walked downstream, covering the lower log jam around the bend, creek bed and campground downstream, and the confluence of Granite Creek and East Fork 6 Mile. 
Monday: Walked the length of the bend, upstream proximal and adjacent to the bank,
  including in between trees. Underbrush and grass is down with no new growth; the ground is visible. 

Timing was perfect for working with the elements. Monday, the creek had risen more than a foot overnight. The area under the trees next to the log jam is covered with water. Glaciated snow fields over gravel shoreline directly across and downstream are now under water. 

No new finds, nothing of significance. But we are grateful for all the continued assistance, and can move on to search other areas. The search is continuing!


Friends and family of missing woman Valerie Sifsof celebrated her life in a service the day after she would have turned 45.
This Saturday people filed into the St. Innocent Orthodox Cathedral for a service in Valerie Sifsof's honor. The service was not only to remember Valerie but to also thank the people who have helped in her search. 
Valerie has been missing for nearly five months and her family has been actively searching since she disappeared from the Granite Creek Campground in July. Since Valerie was reported missing family, friends and even strangers have spent countless hours trying to find her. 
“My son's spent the first five days looking for her,” said family friend Wallace Charles, “He lost 12 pounds just walking around in the woods, you know.”
Over the course of the search there have been 2 articles of clothing recovered that Valerie was last seen wearing: a green tank top and a black jacket. Both articles were found in the creek running behind the campground, but still no sign of Valeria Sifsof.
Family members said even though they acknowledged Valerie’s death today, they will continue searching.
“The problem we're having is the ice is forming so fast," said Valerie's father, Victor Sifsof, "It’s very dangerous down there. We were hoping for some warm weather to continue, but we're going to get some snow machines and we're going to continue looking.”
Family said even on a somber day, happier times come to mind.
“She was old enough to where she babysat me and always took care of me, as far as getting me something to eat," said Valerie's younger brother Bryan Sifsof, "And even as I got older she would still invite me over to eat and cook for me."
“We would sometimes gang up on the middle sister and tease her, probably too much, but that’s probably one of the best memories of Valerie,” said older brother James Sifsof.
If you would like to help the Sifsof's in their search for Valerie, they ask you visit this website. Information about planned searches can be found there.  

Update From Victor Sifsof November 11, 2012

"We searched for another solid two weeks, after Val's clothing was found: this included a helicopter, search dogs, four (4) boats and 10-15 searchers.  Many log jams were broken up and/or cameras and goggles were used.  The search was first concentrated on the water from Granite Creek to 3 miles downriver on Six Mile Creek.  Some of the searchers searched further down Six Mile Creek all the way to the inlet.  Even with the extremely cold weather, we searched as long as possible.  About a week ago the snow and ice made it impossible for the search to continue. We are now hoping for warmer weather so we could continue our search.  

The family is overwhelmed with the number of people that have helped out in many ways or participated in the search since Valerie was reported missing. 

Amy Katz, was a stranger who walked into the search site one day and volunteered to set up a website for Valerie Sifsof.  She spent many hours updating and consulting with family members in a very caring and compassionate manner.  A dozen members of I-501 infantry led by Sgt. Robert Parks, who just got back from Afghanistan, volunteered to search for a number of days with the rest of the searchers.  Here we have a group of men that were in Afghanistan fighting for our liberties and when they returned home they helped search for a person they have never met.  Also Thomas Maillelle and a number of his friends from the interior showed up one day and helped for many days on the search.

The family would like the opportunity to recognize and thank all the people that participated in any way in this enormous search effort.  We would like to invite you to attend a service in Valerie's honor at the St. Innocent Orthodox Cathedral which is located at 401 Turpin Street, Anchorage, Alaska on Saturday, November 24th, 2012 at 10 AM.  Following the service, we invite you to a potluck at Southcentral's Foundations "The Gathering Room", located at 4501 Diplomacy Drive, Anchorage, Alaska. Please RSVP or if you have any questions, contact Jane Sifsof at (907) 843-0990, Rosemary DeHusson at (907) 258-4052 or Dorothy Larson at (907) 227-3276.

There have been thousands of people that helped in many ways with prayers, searches, equipment, food and contributions. We thank from the bottom of our hearts. We know we missed many names that have helped in this effort and we invite you to the service and potluck.  Unfortunately we do not have the addresses and phone numbers of all the people that participated and if you can, please call Jane Sifsof at (907) 843-0990 so we can update our list and send thank yous and invitations to as many people as possible.

Obviously we hope to find Valerie in the near future, but if The Lord decided to take Valerie directly to a safe and wonderful place we will accept His wish."

 Oct 19, 2012


With only a couple of weeks left until heavy snow is expected, there is a great urgency to take advantage of the fall season's better visibility and continue searching the area where Valerie went missing as thoroughly as possible. We hope to find her or some clues as to what happened. 

The search continued throughout last weekend, with four boats going out every day on Six Mile Creek, and about eight searchers walking the water's edge. We covered the waterways from Granite Creek Campground to the bridge, broke up several dams, and continued as far as the rapids. Nothing definitive turned out since her sweatshirt was discovered the weekend before. Several search dogs were brought out and a couple of times seemed interested in something, but nothing panned out. The police got called away on another mission, but stated plans to return in the near future with cadaver dogs: hopefully this coming weekend. 

We are concerned about safety: a couple of volunteers didn't return at dark as planned and we were afraid they were lost, but they did find their way back. Safety has to be a priority because we don't want any one else hurt or lost. Some military personnel have volunteered to come out and help; we look forward to their assistance. Professional rafters will also be joining us to travel though the rapids and go further down stream than we've able to go in the past.  

One new approach is that we have purchased an underwater camera. We'll return to the log jam areas where a couple pieces of Val's clothing was found to look below the surface this weekend.

Thanks to those who came out last week and supported us through searching and providing food. We will have more posted soon.


Valerie's family wants to thank those brave and generous volunteers who came out to help search for Valerie last weekend. Also many thanks to the news reporters and their editors/producers for continuing to inform the public and bring people together in looking for her. Those supporting the search through prayers are equally appreciated. This has truly been a community effort and words cannot express our gratitude. More detailed thank you's will follow in days to come. 

A lot more is happening the rest of this week. The Alaska State Troopers will be out in the Granite Creek Campground area where Valerie's sweatshirt was found, possibly with dogs, boats and helicopters, weather permitting. Depending on the results of their efforts, the Sifsofs and volunteer searchers will return with boats and ATV's again this Thursday thru Sunday.

There is a great concern about safety. During last weekend's search, Val's siblings Trina and Victor Jr. were in an ATV accident. They are doing all right and will be helping in the search again soon.  We don't want anyone else to be harmed, so please be very careful in our effort to find Valerie. 
If you'd like to contribute in other ways, please visit any Wells Fargo Bank to make a donation to the Valerie Sifsof search fund, which will aid in buying gas, equipment rental, supplies, etc.

OCTOBER 8, 2012: Valerie's Sweat Shirt Found in Creek During Latest Search

Please read today's story in the ADN for an update, and see other related news in the automatic newsfeed on the home page of www.valeriesifsof.com.

More soon...

Please pray for Valerie and her family.



Sunday, October 7, 2012, there will be a coordinated search in the area of the Granite Creek Campground, where Valerie was last seen on July 7th. Her family is making preparations to search by foot, RTV, boat and air and are requesting the help of as many volunteers as possible.

Timing of the search is critical: with most of the leaves down visibility is much better, but snowfall in the Granite Creek area is possible at any time so the window of the search is short. Please call Victor Sifsof (907-843-0991), Bryan Sifsof (907-903-7414) or Jim Sifsof (907-441-7998) if you can help at this critical time or for any questions. Please be prepared to bring rain gear if we have wet weather. There will be a Pre-Search Meeting at Bryan Sifsof's residence at 7520 Chad St. in Anchorage at 7pm Sat. Oct. 6, 2012.

The Search will start 9 am Sunday Oct 7, 2012 at Granite Creek Campground. (Watch for sign at entrance.)

In the meantime, please contact web administrator Amy at amykatz@yahoo.com if you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive email updates, or you can sign up as a member to this site by clicking on the link to the right of this post and start receiving new posts automatically. 

Police continue to investigate. Tips and Media inquiries into the ongoing investigation should be directed toward Srg. Zweifel in Girdwood: michael.zweifel@alaska.gov. or call 907-783-0972

Our hearts go out to the loved ones of Letitia Baxter, the 63 year old Anchorage woman who also went missing shortly after Valerie disappeared. News reports initially did not state the name of the person who was found. Ms. Baxter's body was discovered in a heavily wooded area last week near the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail/Earth Quake park, a few miles from downtown Anchorage. The cause of her death is unknown and is being investigated. Click on the "Other Missing Persons" link to read more about other missing persons in the area. 



Even after 2 months, her father "can't stop looking."
Valerie Sifsof went missing on a drizzly July night at the summer-green Glacier Creek Campground on the Kenai Peninsula.
Click to enlarge
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Valerie Sifsof has been missing since Saturday, July 7, 2012, when she walked away from the Granite River campground along the Seward Highway.

The other day her family friend Gloria Chythlook went back to the campground south of Turnagain Pass. She picked cranberries along a creek near where Sifsof was last seen. The tall grasses had yellowed and wilted. Leaves were starting to fall.
She's been missing for more than two months. Sifsof's family members now measure the time she has been gone in seasons.
They hope she is still alive: abducted, maybe. They fear she is the victim of a homicide.
They feel increasingly sure that she is not in the campground area, which they've scoured dozens of times. But that does not stop them from returning weekend after weekend to float the creek and walk the woods. With little else to go on, they are drawn back to the place where Sifsof was last seen.
They search for any small sign that will lead them out of the void faced by families of the missing: How could a vibrant, 43-year-old woman suddenly cease to exist?
"I can't stop looking until I'm sure," said her father, Victor Sifsof.
Valerie was camping with her boyfriend, Eliot Freeburg, at the campground on the night of July 7. She was last seen leaving the couple's campsite after they had argued sometime around midnight.
In the past two months, Victor, who lives in Dillingham but has been staying in Anchorage, has filled binders with maps and collected details of the day his daughter disappeared.
Alaska State Troopers say their active, on-the-ground search phase is over but they continue to follow up on leads. That includes getting in touch with others in the campground that night. Some have been forthcoming and easy to reach. Others have not.
The physical search has yielded few clues, said trooper Capt. Andrew Greenstreet.

Troopers plan to fly over the area with a helicopter again just before freeze-up, Greenstreet said. They may also use trained body-sniffing dogs to float the river once more.
"(The investigation) is active but it's not as active as we'd like it to be," he said.
Victor Sifsof said he is in touch with troopers every few days.
They are doing the best that they can with what they have, he said. But he thinks they're understaffed.
Family members, including Valerie's five siblings, have compiled a website with the help of a volunteer. On it they post photos of Valerie, updates on the search and links to media reports.
They unfurled a 12-foot-long banner with Valerie's name and story on it at the Alaska State Fair. A network of friends drove the Alaska road system, hanging fliers with Valerie's face on them anyplace that would allow it.
Weekends, they travel to the Peninsula. By now, Victor said, Valerie's brothers have floated the creek near the campground 12 or 13 times.
Once they found clothing that seemed similar to the dark sweatshirt Valerie was last seen wearing. But it didn't match.
The family fears living without an answer years or decades later. They are haunted by cases like that of Erin Gilbert, a tall, striking 25-year-old nanny who went to the Girdwood Forest Fair in 1995 and has never been seen or heard from again.
Bristol Bay commercial fishing season, during which Victor makes most of his income, came and went. He missed most of it.
Valerie's siblings have had to go back to their jobs.
In August, a bright spot in an otherwise dark summer arrived: Valerie's sister Ashley Sifsof gave birth to a 9-pound, 5-ounce baby boy she named Ashton Dwayne-Val Sifsof.
Before she disappeared, Valerie had been in charge of planning the baby shower.

Reach Michelle Theriault Boots at mtheriault@adn.com or 257-4344.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

"Valerie Sifsof's brothers Bryan and Jim Sifsof rafted Granite and Six mile Creeks this past weekend, but the helicopter search in that area was postponed to next weekend due bad weather and rain.  

Investigators are working on a number of fronts, including interviews with all campers in the area during the time frame of Val's disappearance. The family gathered a substantial amount of relative information on Valerie's disappearance, which was all turned over to Sgt. Michael Zweifel.

The overall plan is continue a systematic search with boat, air and foot as the weather, terrain and weather level permits.

We will be requesting updates on the investigation from Sgt. Zweifel with hope and prayer that positive news will come in the near future." Victor Sifsof


Labor Day Weekend Update

The Alaska Bureau of Investigation will now coordinate the investigation into Valerie's disappearance and work closely with Sgt. Zweifel, who will prioritize and take over the investigation. He can be reached at (907) 783-0972. He has been involved in the search efforts since day one and continues to be communicative and helpful and we are confident he and his team will do a very complete investigation. Thanks to Col. Mallard and Capt. Greenstreet of the Alaska State Troopers who met and communicated by phone with Val's father Victor this week and agreed to authorize an aggressive investigative effort. 

Many thanks to Jeweline Lakshas for obtaining two large banners, 4x12 feet in length, which will be hung near the fairgrounds. The company making the contribution of the banners wish to remain anonymous, so please thank them in your hearts.  

Stephanie Johnson of The Missing Person Clearinghouse, along with family member Monina Willis, has taken the lead on collecting data to input into the Department of Justice Missing Person Data Base https://www.findthemissing.org/en and similar national, internet based search engines. If you search for Valerie Sifsof's name, you will find an entry; fingerprint, DNA and medical information are in the process of being added. Thanks to Eliot, Brian, Jim, Dorothy and Amy for assisting.  

Family members are returning to the Granite Creek Campground and continue to search the area as autumn approaches and terrain visibility improves. 

Thanks to Chris and Florence Kenney in Juneau for hanging fllyers and Gloria Cernann for their help.  Thanks go the many who called and sent messsages to family from far and near.  Valerie has also been added to many prayer chains.
Please see earlier posts if you have not already read them to get more details and see who has donated their invaluable time and resources to help with the search for valerie. 

AUGUST 26, 2012
Valerie's father, Victor Sifsof, has continued to meet with Alaska police officials and politicians to strategize next steps. The Sifsof family and concerned community members are requesting that the Alaska Bureau of Investigation step in to conduct a serious criminal investigation into Valerie's disappearance.

The fact that family, friends, and law enforcement have throughly covered the area Valerie was last seen with not a trace or clue lead us to believe this is an abduction and/or homicide.

Unfortunately, the division of the Alaska State of Troopers that has been assisting with the search does not have the manpower or expertise to perform a complete investigation. Without obvious physical evidence of wrong doing, Missing Person cases such as Valerie's are not automatically handled as criminal investigations, as Val's family and the public originally assumed. When Valerie's family discovered, many weeks after she went missing, that possible witnesses had still not been contacted by law enforcement -- the campers who had been registered at the Granite Creek Campground the weekend of July 7th, where Valerie was last seen -- they began calling them themselves. Now they have a relatively fair idea of whom was there. However, possible witnesses were hesitant to speak over the phone with strangers, so in many cases the best the family could do was implore them to contact the Alaska State Troopers and hope they will do so. This is one reason they are requesting state investigators step in.  

They extend a sincere thank you to State Representative Bryce Edgmon and family friend Walter Monegan, President of the Alaska Native Justice Center and former Anchorage Public Safety Officer: both are taking their valuable time to network with law enforcement officials and monitor progress. The Alaska State Troopers involved in search efforts continue to show concern, particularly Srg. Mike Zweifel, who has demonstrated great kindness from day one of the search, and Captian Andy Greenstreet, who is providing guidance on future efforts. 

The family is grateful to the Staff/Choggiung Board of Directors (http://choggiung.com/about/mission.asp) and the Dillingham community, where many of her relatives reside, for their support. 

Also many thanks to those running the Alaska State Fair, who granted permission for a banner and signs to be posted at the fair. Because of this, hundreds of thousands more people will be made aware of the plight to find Valerie Sifsof. 

Thank you also for those who have donated funds and resources to the Search Fund at Wells Fargo Bank and the Reward Fund at the First National Bank of Alaska, which is up to $27,000 and will go to those who bring Valerie back safely, or provide information that leads to the arrest/conviction of those responsible for her disappearance. To make a donation, simply go into any branch of either bank and tell them you want to donate to the Valerie Sifsof Search Account. 


The search for Valerie continues. Family, friends and concerned citizens across Alaska and the country continue to look for the 43 year old who went missing on July 7th from the Granite Creek Campground. 

Her father has been meeting with high ranking police officials this week to plan future courses of action. Logistics for further searches by air, once foliage thins and water levels decline, are being worked out. Family continues to scour the wooded area around the campground, Those who were in the area the night of her disappearance are still being contacted, or revisited. Relatives were visiting the Seattle area this weekend where Valerie previously resided and have extended the search there. 

The $27,000 REWARD still stands for those with information leading to her safe return or criminal conviction of those responsible.

.AUGUST 14 2012

  • The Alaska Missing Persons Clearinghouse staff is helping to input vital record information into several national databases that will link with law enforcement and unidentified person reports across the USA.  
  • Bryan and Jim rafted Granite Creek and Six Mile Creek again this weekend and found dark clothing but did not belong to Valerie. Val's dad and the rest of the searchers combed other creeks and woods in the surrounding area.  
  • Banner placement continues with an even larger banner being placed at the Girdwood intersection and we will be contacting the Alaska State Fair officials on the possibility of placing another banner at the entrance to the state fair.  
  • There are a number of other contacts the family is making and plans on continuing the search which we will be updating in the near future.

Below is an updated list of people who helped:
"Thank you goes out to all who searched and helped in many different ways the past month or so in the Valerie Sifsof Search.
Pat and Mary Ann Andrews, Frank Pushruk and family who provided fresh salmon for the searchers, Jennifer and Phillip Kelley for the use of their 4 wheelers, Edmund Luciano, Renee dehusson and Maria for whom we don't have your last name - but we thank you kindly,
Thanks again to Marilyn Wilson for her generosity as well as Anthony Debnar we keep referring to as the miner! 
Thanks to Mark and Robert Nicholson.  Thank you to Sally Fenno of Fairbanks who posted flyers there. She was listed incorrectly in one of the last posts.   And, Audrey and Jim Rearden for their contribution to the reward fund, along with Choggiung Ltd.. 
And, to the Mary Magdalene Orthodox Sisterhood in Dillingham which was incorrectly listed, many thanks and for the prayers. 
Others who have provided other assistance that we did not have a name for, your involvement was so appreciated.  What would we do without your kindness."
If you are driving down the Seward Highway, the banner is noticeable to traffic.  Thanks to the Tesoro gas station for allowing us to put the banner up to remind people to keep their eyes peeled as they travel."

  1. AUGUST 9, 2012

    On Wednesday August 8th, 2012 at 8:20 am the Sifsof family welcomed a new baby boy, Ashton Dwayne-Val Sifsof. Weighing 9 lb & 5 oz. and being 22 & 1/2 inches long. Mother Ashley Dawn Sifsof, granpa & grandma, Victor and Jane Sifsof would like to thank all the wonderful people for the congratulations on the new addition. We know that sister Valerie wherever she may be is very happy for Ashley.


    Posted by Val's Aunt Dorothy Larson:

    Below is a post and list of all that we have names for who searched, helped with equipment and supplies as well as provided hot meals, snacks, water and just their continual prayers, kindness and support in the search effort.  There were many offers to help in any way. Many were there in spirit which was very comforting, welcomed and needed. 

    If names were omitted, it was not intentional.  Some people were there and we may not have known them, we apologize for any oversights.  For those who were there and we missed their names, please post or let me know so we can add them to the growing list.   THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! 

    Victor, Jane, Jim, Trina, VG and Casey,  Brian and Nadia, and Ashley and Eliot Freeburg are very grateful as are all of Val's family and many friends.  Quyana Caqneq.

    Here is a partial list of those we know were there and others who have provided names:

    Richard Charles, Joanne Charles, Tiffany and Amber Webb, Rosemary deHusson, Gladys Charles, Wanda Pickett and the Brandon family, Bill Cook, Robert Nicholson, Mark Nicholson, Ryan Nicholson, Jack Smart, Kris Belleque-Spradlin and Erin, Jeweline and Bristol Lakshas and friend, Luanne Pelagio, Jeran Pelagio Williams, Juanita Pelagio, Mary Washington and family, Gloria Chythlook and Chase, Callan Chythlook-Sifsof, David Heyano, Raymond Heyano, Greta Pridham and Agnes Samuelsen, Crystal Sifsof, Kim and Sassa Williams, Wally Charles, Shelbi Luckhurst, Meg and Hugh Schroeder, Helen and Mickey Foster, Danesa and Hans Nicholson, Esther Togiak, Anecia Chiklak, Bonnie Gregory and family, Jackie Wilson, Helena and Bill Batman, Gail Pass, Kjersti Langness, Dennis and Michelle Nelson, Paul and Sharon Bullock, Kurt Jensen, Anecia and John Breiby, Carmen Tuck, Liz Conrad, Carl and Marilyn Larson, Bristol Bay Native Corporation and staff members - Fran Demoski, Joanne Luciano, Jason Metrokin, Collin and Gwen Larson, Jeweline Hoseth, Pat Kvasnikof, Sally Smith, Audrey Rearden, Florence Kenney, Jo Knapp,Jon Larson and family, Monina Willis and girls, Karen and Michael Dinkle, Linda Wahl, Robert and Edmund Luciano, Alu Afolabi and friend, DeeDee Palin and friend, Edgar and Katherine Smith, Sassa Peterson, Carrie Paton, Freeman and Emily Roberts, Tammy Larson Benedictor, Anecia and Kathleen O'Carroll, Betty McIntosh, Galen Huntsman, Lance Reichter, Ernie Sifsof, Gary and Bobbi Buccholz, Amy Katz and Tony the miner,  and those we did not have names for.  

    Thanks to Doug Field of Kenai Neon Signs for the beautiful sign he made and donated with Monina Willis' help.  Thanks to Surveyor Satellite for the discount on the satellite phones, Denise Statz, John Smith, Meg and Hugh Schroeder, Helen and Mickey Foster, St. Seraphim Orthodox Sisterhood, St. Francis Catholic Church in Valdez,  St. Innocent Cathedral in Anchorage and others who prayed for the family and friends, Three Bears in Wasilla, Marie Paul, Cindy Roque, Della and Richard Clark, Horizon Construction, Choggiung Limited, Julia Williams and some anonmyous donors.   

    Thanks to Victims of Justice and Susan Sullivan.  

    We also want to thank all those at the Alaska State Troopers, including Sergent Micheal Zeifel, Lieutenant Kat Petterson, and Captain Andy Greenstreet. 

    Special thanks to former Anchorage Police Chief Walter Monegan, State Representative Bryce Edgmon, and Choggiung Board of Directors. 

    Thanks to the Park Service, the rafters, the dogs and their handlers, the helicopter pilot, and those behind the scenes. 

    We will continue to update this!" 

    AUGUST 7: Reward Fund Grows to $27,000

    The search for Valerie continues: flyers are being put up in Valdez, Kodiak and Hope. Val's family is revisiting the Granite Creek campground area. 
    Financial resources are dwindling however. More gas money is needed for car and possibly airplane searches in the near future: as water levels in the area decrease and leaves fall off tree, higher visibility will make searching by air again more feasable. 

    A bank account in Valerie Sifsof's name has been set up at Wells Fargo to aid in search and rescue expenses. This will go towards gas (for cars, boats and airplanes) telecommunications, etc. Please go into any branch to make a donation of any size. 

    Another bank account has been set up through the First National Bank of Alaska through Victims for Justice to accept donations that will go towards the reward. Please go to any branch to make a donation to the fund -- just give them her name --  

    and do let us know who you are so we can thank you!

    August 4, 2012

    This painting, on birch bark, was created by visionary artist Sharon Ingram Bullock, just one month before Valerie went missing. The artist is the cousin of Valerie's mother Jeweline Pelagio. We post this today to honor and mark the heart-breaking one month anniversary of Val's disappearance. She has yet to be found.

    Here is an update, written today, by her father: 

    "Road system and communities including rest stops and many side roads between Homer/Seward to Fairbanks/Glennallen have been covered with Valerie's posters and by passing the word to as many as possible.  Commercial rafters will monitor the waterway below Granite Creek until September. Searching will continue in the general area as water table drop.  Hope to Seward Highway have been covered as thoroughly as possible, given the terrain.

    Our effort to keep the search for Valerie alive seems to be working as more people we contact have heard about her situation.  The Alaska State Troopers continue their investigation. More links which may help our effort are being considered.

    Again many heartfelt thanks for the prayers and help in the ongoing search for Valerie and please stay hopeful and positive.

    -- Victor"

    JULY 31th: 12:00pm

    At 11:00am yesterday Val's father Victor Sifsof gave a 20 minute interview on David Sam's show on KNBA 90.3 FM informing the public about Valerie's disappearance and the ongoing search rescue. Please post this link on your Facebook/social media sites.

    From VAL's AUNT Dorothy: "We continue to keep a watchful eye and ear out for any word of our daughter, sister, cousin, niece, aunt, companion and friend and hope you will, too. As you go from east to west, north to south, we ask that you will remember Valerie. Though we don't know what possibly could have happened to her, we maintain hope that she will be found. The family has moved out of the Granite and Ingram Creek areas, but still are continuing to search and to get the word out of her disappearance in and out of the State. Thank you for your compassion and concern for her family and friends. Family and friends are spreading the word from Fairbanks to Homer, Glenallen to Valdez and throughout the State."

    Val's father, Victor, is slotted to give a detailed interview, for twenty minutes or so, Monday morning at 10:30 am on FM 90.3 KNBA: http://www.knba.org/

    Please tune in to hear the latest on the search for Valerie and new details.

    He'd like to send a heartfelt thanks to producer Victoria and the news crew at ABC/FOX for the great interview/story on the 5:00 news, June 28.

    Valerie's family and police investigators are following up on an UNCONFIRMED lead that Valerie Sifsof was possibly seen at the Girdwood Forest Fair on Sunday, July 8th. If you or someone you know was at the faire, please look at this photo:

     Valerie would likely have been wearing these clothes: Blue hooded sweatshirt, blue sweatpants, black rainboots, green shirt. If you took photos or video during the weekend please look closely to see if you can spot her in the background. If you can confirm the sighting or have any suspicious activity to report, please contact the Alaska State Troopers immediately at: 907-783-0972. 

    1. "Valerie's family and the full-time search party are going to take a much needed break tomorrow and Sunday, a lot of people have to catch up on personal things and just get some badly needed rest. They plan to go to church where many of family and friends will gather at the Russian Orthodox on Turpin. The plan right now is to regroup on Monday.

      We have sent flyers down to Ninilchik, Soldotna/Kenai area, and a highly visible banner is put up down in Girdwood. Hundreds of flyers were given to businesses on the east and west side of town, as well as to many individuals. Someone sent posters to Eureka up towards Glenallen."
      -- Val's Aunt Dorothy

    JULY 27, 2012:

    The search camp of Valerie Sifsof has moved from the Ingram Creek site on the Seward Highway to Anchorage. The search will continue by family, friends and volunteers (Yes, more are needed!) The Alaska State Troopers continue to investigate.

    There have been about ten searchers involved on a daily basis. More checking in the Girdwood area and on the road system from Fairbanks, Glenallen to Homer and Seward. Signs will be hung along the roadside in as many places as possible, rest stops, roadside stops and anywhere businesses will displaying the signs. Please, we would like those who are on the road system to be on watch.

    If you have any information, please contact the Alaska State Troopers at Girdwood, Alaska (907)783-0972.

    A reward of $25,000 has been offered and if being handled by the Victims for Justice at (907)278-0977

    Volunteers are still needed to hang the flyers and distribute in Anchorage area and if you are traveling on the road system. There are volunteers on the east and west side of town today. If anyone would like to help, please contact Dorothy Larson on Facebook or at 227 3276.
    Thanks to the many who are still continuing to help in any way possible, Meg and Hugh Schroeder, Mickey and Helen Foster, Kurt Jensen, Marie Matsuno Nash and the many who offered help or equipment. Thanks to the many who were on the organized search, we don't have all the names, -but you know who you are, thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Please continue to offer your prayers for the family and friends, searchers for stamina, strength and safety for all.

    -- Val's Aunt Dorothy

  2. KNBAOCT. 19 2012 Coastal TV News Report by Natalie Travis

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