Sunday, July 22, 2012

Granite Creek Campground: This is Where Valerie Sifsof Was Last Seen

Valerie Sifsof was camping with her boyfriend, Eliot Freeburg, on the evening of July 7th at the Granite Creek Campground, 27 miles South of Girdwoood, Alaska. They had an argument and she walked away from the campsite around midnight (it was still light outside.) She never returned. If you were in the area or camping at Granite Creek that weekend please contact the Alaska State Trooper in Girdwood, Alaska at (907) 783-0972 or the Alaska Bureau of Investigation: 1-907-269-5497.

Granite Creek Campground Info:

Also please note that the popular hiking spot, Johnson Pass Trail is very close by. If you or anyone you know was in the area the weekend of July 7th, 2012, consider if you might have seen Valerie Sifsof or any suspicious activity. Please click the HOME tab for more info and photos. 


Anonymous said...

Granite Creek is not Moose Pass.
Maybe not so much emphasis on an argument and how she walked off angry. It's distracting and serves no purpose. Mentioning it over and over begs the question - is that significant in some way?

Help Your Community! said...

Correct: Moose Pass is over twenty miles to the South: perhaps Google Maps puts both locals together because they share a zip code..? There are no towns closer to Granite Creek Campground which is midway between Girdwood and Moose Creek (closer to Seward.)

Fair question about why we mention Valerie's state of mind. You'll have to ask professional investigators to get a more indepth answer. But consider that the mind directs the body. If she left the campsite happy and content, lets say just to go to the bathroom, we can assume a particular set of possibilities. Leaving the site angry opens up other potentials.... she might have walked the couple hundred yards to the Seward Highway and in her heightened emotional state made the poor decision to hitch hike (I've done that rather than stay with the people I was mad with!) and was taken that way. She might have gone to party with the numerous others in the campground, who did something to her. This is all conjecture, but state of mind and emotions are vital to finding anyone and knowing which direction to go in. If you have any info about what really happened, let us know!

Anonymous said...

Great answer, thank you. Not clear why law enforcement calls out that particular detail to the public.

Seward Highway is quite aways. The road around the campground is about 2 miles. The campsites are somewhere around a mile from the highway. Pretty hard walking out in the dark.