Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Update

The Alaska Bureau of Investigation will now coordinate the investigation into Valerie's disappearance and work closely with Sgt. Zweifel, who will prioritize and take over the investigation. He can be reached at (907) 783-0972. He has been involved in the search efforts since day one and continues to be communicative and helpful and we are confident he and his team will do a very complete investigation. Thanks to Col. Mallard and Capt. Greenstreet of the Alaska State Troopers who met and communicated by phone with Val's father Victor this week and agreed to authorize an aggressive investigative effort. 

Many thanks to Jeweline Lakshas for obtaining two large banners, 4x12 feet in length, which will be hung near the fairgrounds. The company making the contribution of the banners wish to remain anonymous, so please thank them in your hearts.  

Stephanie Johnson of The Missing Person Clearinghouse, along with family member Monina Willis, has taken the lead on collecting data to input into the Department of Justice Missing Person Data Base and similar national, internet based search engines. If you search for Valerie Sifsof's name, you will find an entry; fingerprint, DNA and medical information are in the process of being added. Thanks to Eliot, Brian, Jim, Dorothy and Amy for assisting.  

Family members are returning to the Granite Creek Campground and continue to search the area as autumn approaches and terrain visibility improves. 

Thanks to Chris and Florence Kenney in Juneau for hanging fllyers and Gloria Cernann for their help.  Thanks go the many who called and sent messsages to family from far and near.  Valerie has also been added to many prayer chains.

Please see earlier posts if you have not already read them to get more details and see who has donated their invaluable time and resources to help with the search for valerie. 

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