Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Search & Investigation Update

  • The Alaska Missing Persons Clearinghouse staff is helping to input vital record information into several national databases that will link with law enforcement and unidentified person reports across the USA.  
  • Bryan and Jim rafted Granite Creek and Six Mile Creek again this weekend and found dark clothing but did not belong to Valerie. Val's dad and the rest of the searchers combed other creeks and woods in the surrounding area.  
  • Banner placement continues with an even larger banner being placed at the Girdwood intersection and we will be contacting the Alaska State Fair officials on the possibility of placing another banner at the entrance to the state fair.  
  • There are a number of other contacts the family is making and plans on continuing the search which we will be updating in the near future.

If you are driving down the Seward Highway, the banner is noticeable to traffic.  Thanks to the Tesoro gas station for allowing us to put the banner up to remind people to keep their eyes peeled as they travel."

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