Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Valerie's family wants to thank those brave and generous volunteers who came out to help search for Valerie last weekend. Also many thanks to the news reporters and their editors/producers for continuing to inform the public and bring people together in looking for her. Those supporting the search through prayers are equally appreciated. This has truly been a community effort and words cannot express our gratitude. More detailed thank you's will follow in days to come. 

A lot more is happening the rest of this week. The Alaska State Troopers will be out in the Granite Creek Campground area where Valerie's sweatshirt was found, possibly with dogs, boats and helicopters, weather permitting. Depending on the results of their efforts, the Sifsofs and volunteer searchers will return with boats and ATV's again this Thursday thru Sunday.

There is a great concern about safety. During last weekend's search, Val's siblings Trina and Victor Jr. were in an ATV accident. They are doing all right and will be helping in the search again soon.  We don't want anyone else to be harmed, so please be very careful in our effort to find Valerie. 
If you'd like to contribute in other ways, please visit any Wells Fargo Bank to make a donation to the Valerie Sifsof search fund, which will aid in buying gas, equipment rental, supplies, etc.

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