Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16th 2012 Update: Search Continues for Valerie Sifsof

With only a couple of weeks left until heavy snow is expected, there is a great urgency to take advantage of the fall season's better visibility and continue searching the area where Valerie went missing as thoroughly as possible. We hope to find her or some clues as to what happened. 

The search continued throughout last weekend, with four boats going out every day on Six Mile Creek, and about eight searchers walking the water's edge. We covered the waterways from Granite Creek Campground to the bridge, broke up several dams, and continued as far as the rapids. Nothing definitive turned out since her sweatshirt was discovered the weekend before. Several search dogs were brought out and a couple of times seemed interested in something, but nothing panned out. The police got called away on another mission, but stated plans to return in the near future with cadaver dogs: hopefully this coming weekend. 

We are concerned about safety: a couple of volunteers didn't return at dark as planned and we were afraid they were lost, but they did find their way back. Safety has to be a priority because we don't want any one else hurt or lost. Some military personnel have volunteered to come out and help; we look forward to their assistance. Professional rafters will also be joining us to travel though the rapids and go further down stream than we've able to go in the past.  

One new approach is that we have purchased an underwater camera. We'll return to the log jam areas where a couple pieces of Val's clothing was found to look below the surface this weekend.

Thanks to those who came out last week and supported us through searching and providing food. We will have more posted soon.

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