Sunday, August 26, 2012

Missing Anchorage Woman Valerie Sifsof's Family Asks Alaska Bureau of Investigation For Help

Valerie's father, Victor Sifsof, has continued to meet with Alaska police officials and politicians to strategize next steps. The Sifsof family and concerned community members are requesting that the Alaska Bureau of Investigation step in to conduct a serious criminal investigation into Valerie's disappearance.

The fact that family, friends, and law enforcement have throughly covered the area Valerie was last seen with not a trace or clue lead us to believe this is an abduction and/or homicide.

Unfortunately, the division of the Alaska State of Troopers that has been assisting with the search does not have the manpower or expertise to perform  thorough criminal investigations. Without obvious physical evidence of wrong doing, Missing Person cases such as Valerie's are not automatically handled by law enforcement as criminal investigations, as Val's family and the public originally assumed. When Valerie's family discovered, many weeks after she went missing, that possible witnesses had still not been contacted by law enforcement -- the campers who had been registered at the Granite Creek Campground the weekend of July 7th, where Valerie was last seen -- they began calling them themselves. Now they have a relatively fair idea of whom was there. However, possible witnesses were hesitant to speak over the phone with strangers, so in many cases the best the family could do was implore them to contact the Alaska State Troopers and hope they will do so. This is one reason they are requesting state investigators step in.  

They extend a sincere thank you to State Representative Bryce Edgmon and family friend Walter Monegan, President of the Alaska Native Justice Center and former Anchorage Public Safety Officer: both are taking their valuable time to network with law enforcement officials and monitor progress. The Alaska State Troopers involved in search efforts continue to show concern, particularly Srg. Mike Zweifel, who has demonstrated great kindness from day one of the search, and Captian Andy Greenstreet, who is providing guidance on future efforts. 

The family is grateful to the Staff/Choggiung Board of Directors ( and the Dillingham community, where many of her relatives reside, for their support. 

Also many thanks to those running the Alaska State Fair, who granted permission for a banner and signs to be posted at the fair. Because of this, hundreds of thousands more people will be made aware of the plight to find Valerie Sifsof. 

Thank you also for those who have donated funds and resources to the Search Fund at Wells Fargo Bank and the Reward Fund at the First National Bank of Alaska, which is up to $27,000 and will go to those who bring Valerie back safely, or provide information that leads to the arrest/conviction of those responsible for her disappearance. To make a donation, simply go into any branch of either bank and tell them you want to donate to the Valerie Sifsof Search Account. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22 Search Update

The search for Valerie continues. Family, friends and concerned citizens across Alaska and the country continue to look for the 43 year old who went missing on July 7th from the Granite Creek Campground. 

Her father has been meeting with high ranking police officials this week to plan future courses of action. Logistics for further searches by air, once foliage thins and water levels decline, are being worked out. Family continues to scour the wooded area around the campground, Those who were in the area the night of her disappearance are still being contacted, or revisited. Relatives were visiting the Seattle area this weekend where Valerie previously resided and have extended the search there. 

The $27,000 REWARD still stands for those with information leading to her safe return or criminal conviction of those responsible.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Search & Investigation Update

  • The Alaska Missing Persons Clearinghouse staff is helping to input vital record information into several national databases that will link with law enforcement and unidentified person reports across the USA.  
  • Bryan and Jim rafted Granite Creek and Six Mile Creek again this weekend and found dark clothing but did not belong to Valerie. Val's dad and the rest of the searchers combed other creeks and woods in the surrounding area.  
  • Banner placement continues with an even larger banner being placed at the Girdwood intersection and we will be contacting the Alaska State Fair officials on the possibility of placing another banner at the entrance to the state fair.  
  • There are a number of other contacts the family is making and plans on continuing the search which we will be updating in the near future.

If you are driving down the Seward Highway, the banner is noticeable to traffic.  Thanks to the Tesoro gas station for allowing us to put the banner up to remind people to keep their eyes peeled as they travel."

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Thanks to all the wonderful and caring souls at ABC News, including Producer Victoria Taylor and reporter Natalie Travis

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Val's Sister Ashley Gives Birth to Healthy Boy

On Wednesday August 8th, 2012 at 8:20 am the Sifsof family welcomed a new baby boy, Ashton Dwayne-Val Sifsof. Weighing 9 lb & 5 oz. and being 22 & 1/2 inches long. Mother Ashley Dawn Sifsof, granpa & grandma, Victor and Jane Sifsof would like to thank all the wonderful people for the congratulations on the new addition. We know that sister Valerie wherever she may be is very happy for Ashley. 

As Search Continues, Gratitude

Posted at the request of Val's Aunt Dorothy Larson:

Below is a post and list of all that we have names for who searched, helped with equipment and supplies as well as provided hot meals, snacks, water and just their continual prayers, kindness and support in the search effort.  There were many offers to help in any way. Many were there in spirit which was very comforting, welcomed and needed. 

If names were omitted, it was not intentional.  Some people were there and we may not have known them, we apologize for any oversights.  For those who were there and we missed their names, please post or let me know so we can add them to the growing list.   THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! 

Victor, Jane, Jim, Trina, VG and Casey,  Brian and Nadia, and Ashley and Eliot Freeburg are very grateful as are all of Val's family and many friends.  Quyana Caqneq.

Here is a partial list of those we know were there and others who have provided names:

Richard Charles, Joanne Charles, Tiffany and Amber Webb, Rosemary deHusson, Gladys Charles, Wanda Pickett and the Brandon family, Bill Cook, Robert Nicholson, Mark Nicholson, Ryan Nicholson, Jack Smart, Kris Belleque-Spradlin and Erin, Jeweline and Bristol Lakshas and friend, Luanne Pelagio, Jeran Pelagio Williams, Juanita Pelagio, Mary Washington and family, Gloria Chythlook and Chase, Callan Chythlook-Sifsof, David Heyano, Raymond Heyano, Greta Pridham and Agnes Samuelsen, Crystal Sifsof, Kim and Sassa Williams, Wally Charles, Shelbi Luckhurst, Meg and Hugh Schroeder, Helen and Mickey Foster, Danesa and Hans Nicholson, Esther Togiak, Anecia Chiklak, Bonnie Gregory and family, Jackie Wilson, Helena and Bill Batman, Gail Pass, Kjersti Langness, Dennis and Michelle Nelson, Paul and Sharon Bullock, Kurt Jensen, Anecia and John Breiby, Carmen Tuck, Liz Conrad, Carl and Marilyn Larson, Bristol Bay Native Corporation and staff members - Fran Demoski, Joanne Luciano, Jason Metrokin, Collin and Gwen Larson, Jeweline Hoseth, Pat Kvasnikof, Sally Smith, Audrey Rearden, Florence Kenney, Jo Knapp,Jon Larson and family, Monina Willis and girls, Karen and Michael Dinkle, Linda Wahl, Robert and Edmund Luciano, Alu Afolabi and friend, DeeDee Palin and friend, Edgar and Katherine Smith, Sassa Peterson, Carrie Paton, Freeman and Emily Roberts, Tammy Larson Benedictor, Anecia and Kathleen O'Carroll, Betty McIntosh, Galen Huntsman, Lance Reichter, Ernie Sifsof, Gary and Bobbi Buccholz, Amy Katz and Tony the miner,  and those we did not have names for.  

Thanks to Doug Field of Kenai Neon Signs for the beautiful sign he made and donated with Monina Willis' help.  Thanks to Surveyor Satellite for the discount on the satellite phones, Denise Statz, John Smith, Meg and Hugh Schroeder, Helen and Mickey Foster, St. Seraphim Orthodox Sisterhood, St. Francis Catholic Church in Valdez,  St. Innocent Cathedral in Anchorage and others who prayed for the family and friends, Three Bears in Wasilla, Marie Paul, Cindy Roque, Della and Richard Clark, Horizon Construction, Choggiung Limited, Julia Williams and some anonmyous donors.   

Thanks to Victims of Justice and Susan Sullivan.  

We also want to thank all those at the Alaska State Troopers, including Sergent Micheal Zeifel, Lieutenant Kat Petterson, and Captain Andy Greenstreet. 

Special thanks to former Anchorage Police Chief Walter Monegan, State Representative Bryce Edgmon, and Choggiung Board of Directors. 

Thanks to the Park Service, the rafters, the dogs and their handlers, the helicopter pilot, and those behind the scenes. 

We will continue to update this!" 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Click here to read today's KTUU article about increased reward

The search for Valerie continues: flyers are being put up in Valdez, Kodiak and Hope. Val's family is revisiting the Granite Creek campground area. 
Financial resources are dwindling however. More gas money is needed for car and possibly airplane searches in the near future: as water levels in the area decrease and leaves fall off tree, higher visibility will make searching by air again more feasable. 

A bank account in Valerie Sifsof's name has been set up at Wells Fargo to aid in search and rescue expenses. This will go towards gas (for cars, boats and airplanes) telecommunications, etc. Please go into any branch to make a donation of any size. 

Another bank account has been set up through the First National Bank of Alaska through Victims for Justice to accept donations that will go towards the reward. Please go to any branch to make a donation to the fund -- just give them her name --  

and do let us know who you are so we can thank you!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Painting of Valerie Sifsof

This painting, on birch bark, was created by visionary artist Sharon Ingram Bullock, just one month before Valerie went missing. The artist is the cousin of Valerie's mother Jeweline Pelagio. We post this today to honor and mark the heart-breaking one month anniversary of Val's disappearance. She has yet to be found.

Here is an update, written today, by her father: 

"Road system and communities including rest stops and many side roads between Homer/Seward to Fairbanks/Glennallen have been covered with Valerie's posters and by passing the word to as many as possible.  Commercial rafters will monitor the waterway below Granite Creek until September. Searching will continue in the general area as water table drop.  Hope to Seward Highway have been covered as thoroughly as possible, given the terrain.

Our effort to keep the search for Valerie alive seems to be working as more people we contact have heard about her situation.  The Alaska State Troopers continue their investigation. More links which may help our effort are being considered.

Again many heartfelt thanks for the prayers and help in the ongoing search for Valerie and please stay hopeful and positive.

-- Victor"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Special thanks to owner Doug Field of the Kenai Neon Sign Company for donating a LARGE banner with Valerie Sifsof's missing information on it.Thousands of people are seeing this as they drive down the Seward Highway, South of Anchorage, and that is exactly what we need if there is any hope of finding Val. We will remember your kindness in the future when we need signs!